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All You Need To Know About IPC

Quality Focus

IPC emphasises on quick service at the table and a laser-sharp focus on consistently delivering quality. We select our suppliers carefully and our staff are trained in the critical components of safe food handling through an in-depth training program.

Vegetarian Menu

The changing food habits of the Millennial generation has drastically changed the dining-out culture in India to one that leans towards vegetarian food. Keeping up with this trend, IPC provides the best vegetarian, vegan and Jain menu to its customers.

Able Management

We are a team of gastronomes, connoisseurs and culinary artists who want to see a satisfied customer leave with a full belly, only to come back again and again. Our core focus is on serving fresh and sumptuous food devoid of any artificial colour and preservatives.

pure veg restaurant in bangalore

The Need

It all started one day when a hardcore foodie with a sensitive stomach sought for something healthy to eat while travelling from Bengaluru to Nanded through the highway. Nirmal Sandhu, the founder of Indian Paratha Company, dreamed of a place near the highways where families could eat healthy vegetarian food in a comfortable setting.

Veg Restaurant in Bangalore Hyderabad Highway

The Idea

This dream of his quickly turned into an idea for opening a quick-service restaurant. After some extensive research, he singled out ‘paratha’ as his core product. Paratha is an Indian-origin flatbread made with wheat flour which, more often than not, comes with a filling of radishes, potato and/or other vegetables.

Pure Veg Restaurant in Bangalore Hyderabad Highway

Indian Paratha Company

Indian Paratha Company Pvt. Ltd was started in 2014 to serve farm-fresh, quality food & beverages to highway travellers in an ambience where they feel rejuvenated. IPC offers a place to relax and presents a unique Swiss chalet design structure with good music. We are a vegetarian restaurant that serves both traditional favourites and modern adaptations.

Innovation In Every Bite!

We innovate new offerings for our menu by observing the latest trends, local appeal and varying tastes of the customers. They are then test-marketed to measure their appeal before they become a regular meal in our repertoire. Our goal is to spread IPC’s brand and its concept to international heights and will do so by providing quality and value for money.
IPC’s team is well trained in providing a wide range of delicacies. Be it the warm savoury food or the cool drinks, our staff ensures that every customer’s hunger is sated and their thirst quenched. These skilled hands undergo regular training to update and upgrade their skills and service levels.

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Want to be part of our journey ?

We want to revolutionise fresh eating with delicious Indian fusion food on the offer. With this as our mission, we are open to collaborations, partnerships and franchise options. The idea is GROWTH!
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