A Shift in Eating Habits of Young Indians


A Shift in Eating Habits of Young Indians

The culture of eating in India has witnessed a drastic change, and a huge difference and shift in the trend are majorly seen due to the changing food habits of the Millennial generation. According to a survey by Franchise India, it was noted that 34% of the people eat out 2-3 times a week, while 27% eat once a week, about 11% eat three or more times a week, 12% eat once a month, 3% eat on special occasions, while 12% love to eat daily at a restaurant.

Although the frequency of eating out has increased, the food habits are more inclined towards mindful indulgence. In simple terms, it means eating out but indulging in the practice of eating well. People nowadays are more aware and will prefer eating at places with not just good hygiene but will also consider the sources of their food and if it is organic or not. A place like IPC focuses not only on the freshness of the vegetables but also ensures choosing the right organic ones.

There is an increased awareness in the youth now a day, about the impact of the food industry on the environment. This consciousness is shifting the food habits in such a manner that a trend towards preferring veganism and healthy eating is being noticed. While the older generation preferred eating less or ‘not eating’ to lose weight and use to consider eating as the sole reason for weight gain; this is no longer considered to be true. The millennials or the youth of today strongly believe in ‘eating right and eating healthy’ rather than not eating at all.

We, IPC, strongly believes in supporting people who are becoming more health-conscious, as this trend is also impacting the young people in changing their eating habits. It’s vital how small steps like doing exercise daily, visiting the nutritionist, eating healthy, being aware of what you eat, can make a huge difference towards better health. We are transparent about our ingredients and the food we serve as we have low fat, low carb, gluten-free, sugar-free, low salt, no trans fats, GMO-free, food options in our menu, which not only is healthy but delicious as well; to keep up with the millennials and the health-conscious people of today.

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